Rock ‘n’ Chic

Colors, textures and graffiti are the interesting mix in these post. We loved how the graffiti wall created contrast to this rock-inspired look. Finally, and without thinking too much, an urban-chic atmosphere with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll was created.

The Powerful Mind

Did you know that the human mind is powerful, and most of the time underestimated? If all of us knew how to channel our thoughts in a positive way, life would be easier and way more practical.

It’s a Wrap: Last but not Least

Gratitude is what we feel after these ten weeks of the IT GIRLS MNG contest. As well as all the learned lessons during all this time and besides of winning or not the big prize, we have seen the support of all our readers and followers, of those who have voted for us and have chosen our looks as the best ones for each week.

La Vie est Belle

Life, as wonderful and beautiful as it’s, depends on how you look at it. Many times we wonder why things do not happen in the exact way we want and the best answer we have found is that everything happens for a reason, when and because it has to happen. As they say God’s timing is perfect and nothing is coincidence.

It’s Party Time!

The combination of textures is ideal to give versatility, movement and a fun twist to the outfits. Dare to combine something that may not be so obvious. Many times, it’s the way to start creating daring and unusual looks.